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Kickball, son

I wish you would, mothafucka...

It's Kickball, son
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If you live in J-ville and you want to play Kickball so hard, you should have played with us. We played in either Jack Russel Park in Atlantic Beach or Willow Branch Park in Riverside, with either a leopard-print or other equally as cool-looking kickball. The days differed, but usually we would shoot for Sundays, around 5 pm. How to get there, you axe? Do as follows.

Jack Russel Park-

From town:
1. Go east on Atlantic Boulevard, over the intercoastal.
2. Turn left on Seminole.
3. Get to the 5-point intersection at the end of Seminole, turn left by the Police Station.
4. Park, and walk to the baseball diamonds.

From the beach:
If you don't know how to get to Jack Russel Park from the beach, you don't live at the beach.

If not enough people showed up, we planned on playing Wallball in the Raquetball Courts at Jack Russel Park. If enough people showed up, we would eat watermelon. Additionally, those who are willing to play during any conditions (Rain, Skeet, or Snow) are generally better people than anybody else.
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